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Beaded Silver Band with Oval Crown Bezel with Breastmilk or Cremation Ashes

Beaded Silver Band with Oval Crown Bezel with Breastmilk or Cremation Ashes

This beaded band is made from Solid 925 Sterling Silver and is adorned with an 8x6 Oval Crown Bezel. This keepsake ring can be made with breastmilk or cremation inclusions and the stones can be created in any color requested. 


Upon ordering, inclusions can be dropped off or mailed to Nakama Studio at 600 Kilgore Ave. Batavia, Ohio 45103. If the buyer is located on the Eastside of Cincinnati, arrangements can be made to meet to get inclusions. 


If shipping breastmilk, triple bag the milk to ensure it doesn't leak in transport. A minimal amount of breastmilk is needed, so if the buyer is sending an already frozen bag of milk an ounce or less is all that is needed. 10 ml is the minimum amount of breastmilk necessary to complete a jewelry piece. 


If sending or supplying cremation ashes as the inclusion, only a small amount is needed. Consider the size of the stone/stones in the jewelry piece ordered to help determine the amount of ashes to send. Unused ashes will be returned once the Jewelry order is complete. 


Expect all breastmilk and cremation orders to take 6-10 weeks.


The piece may be available sooner than the expected window of time, but order completion is dependent on how soon inclusions are received from the buyer and how long it takes for the jewelry setting/s to arrive. Buyers can contact julie@nakamastudio.org to check the status of their order. The buyer will be notified when the order is ready to ship or when the design is ready to be picked up for those who prefer to not have the product mailed. For all orders mailed, insurance is added. 


Although many metals can withstand being submerged in water, the resin can not, so to preserve your special piece of jewelry do not wear it in water. If you forget and accidentally take a shower with it on, it is not a big deal, but regular exposure or submersion will degrade the stone. A Jewelry care card will be provided with each order as well as a polishing cloth for cleaning the metal. 


  • Return Policy

    Since all designs are made with either human ashes or bodily fluids provided by the person ordering and Rings are custom ordered by the size the buyer chooses, no items can be returned. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me and we can work together to find a solution. 

  • Care Instructions

    Avoid your Keepsake Jewelry coming into contact with Moisture including water, perfume, and any chemicals. 

    Remove Jewelry while exercising, showering, cleaning, swimming, sitting in a hot tub, sauna, etc. Store Jewelry in the box when not wearing to maintain its beauty and quality. If the Resin is exposed to moisture or submerged in water, it will degrade the stone. 


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